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Data Providers

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
The ABS is Australia's national statistical agency, and their mission statement is “We assist and encourage informed decision-making, research and discussion within governments and the community, by leading a high quality, objective and responsive national statistical service.”

Australian Spatial Data Directory (ASDD)
The ASDD is a national initiative supported by all governments under the auspices of ANZLIC. The ASDD aims to improve access to Australian spatial data for industry, government, education and the general community through effective documentation, advertisement and distribution. The directory comprises government and commercial nodes in each State/Territory and spatial data agencies within the Australian Government.

The DigitalGlobe system facilitates the collection and archival of high-quality geospatial information data and ensures the most easy-to-use and flexible distribution possible.

ER Mapper
ER Mapper is the leader in the development and deployment of patented geospatial imagery technologies throughout the world.

GeoScience Australia
Within the portfolio of Industry, Tourism and Resources, Geoscience Australia plays a critical role by producing first-class geoscientific information and knowledge. This can enable the government and the community to make informed decisions about the exploration of resources, the management of the environment, the safety of critical infrastructure and the resultant wellbeing of all Australians.

The core business of Landgate (formerly Department of Land Information) is land and property information. Geospatial data is gathered from ground surveys, aerial photographs and satellite imagery. This information is used to produce a wide range of digital and hard copy products and services. Landgate provide:

  • land & property information
  • a secure land titles system and,
  • land valuations services.

Landgate Imagery 

Landgate offers digital aerial photographic images covering a large portion of Western Australia. Images are available for purchase online and range from the present day back to 1948. Images can be delivered in a number of formats and at varying resolutions. All aerial photography offered for purchase online has been "orthorectified" (geometrically corrected) to ensure its suitability for professional use. Aerial photography can be ordered online.

MapData Sciences

MapData Sciences is the leading provider of Business Mapping Solutions for Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. They provide customised, quality location-based solutions for your business mapping needs, whether they be hosted online applications, digital mapping products, web services, or consulting services.

Perth Map Centre
MapWorld is Australia's leading retailer of maps, travel guides, globes, navigation equipment, software, ... in fact anything to do with maps or mapping.

PSMA Australia
PSMA (Public Sector Mapping Agencies) Australia Limited is an unlisted public company limited by shares and owned by the State, Territory and Australian governments of Australia. PSMA Australia facilitates access to seamless national datasets derived from government data sources.

State Land Information Capture Program (SLICP)
SLICP is the state-wide capture of digital spatial data, aerial photography, satellite imagery and map production for state and local government. It is designed to reduce cost and avoid duplication in data capture. The program runs in advance due to significant planning and aerial flying overheads.

Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP)
SLIP is a shared information delivery service which provides fast and easy access to the state's land information. SLIP facilitates improvement of business processes and systems which use land information across networked government.

SPOT Image
Spot Image is the worldwide distributor of geographic information products and services derived from the Spot Earth observation satellites.

WALIS Interragator+
Interragator+ is the first step in finding and accessing geographic information in Western Australia. With it you can search a comprehensive index to over 10,000 records of Western Australia's geographic information held by public and private sector organisations.