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Location Information Strategy for WA

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LIS Cover November 2012                                   Location Information Strategy - Program Overview

                   Location Information Strategy, November 2012            Location Information Strategy - Program Overview, March 2011


LIS Flyer July 2014


The LIS Program of Work Phase 1 was approved by Cabinet in August 2011. It aims to put the Location Information Strategy into operation.

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News Updates

December 2015

On 7 May 2012 State Cabinet approved a total funding of $25 million for implementation of Stage 1 of the Location Information Strategy. Stage 1 was scheduled for delivery between 2012/13 and 2014/15.  Many of the milestones for the initiatives undertaken within this program of work have been completed.  The remaining deliverables are associated with three initiatives and the current status is as follows: 

  1. Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP) led by Landgate - the announcement by Google in January that Google Maps Engine (GME) will be decommissioned in January 2016 requires Landgate to implement an alternative ‘back-end’ system to manage data in SLIP. As this coincides with development of a new Open Data Policy for WA, Landgate will be implementing a new back-end system that will address both these needs. Work is underway on implementing an alternative to GME to support SLIP – see updates at

    The new services now available through SLIP (see will continue to be made available.

  2. Regional and Urban Scenario Planning (RUSP) led by Department of Planning - updates to milestones and the timing of payments proposed by the Department of Planning were approved by the Department of Regional Development in February 2015. Landgate has transferred the 2014-15 funding for RUSP to the Department of Planning, as per the agreed milestones. A cross-agency Project Board has been established and all key stakeholders engaged. The Department of Planning intends to engage a third-party provider of scenario-based planning systems to help deliver the project from July 2015.  A tender was put out for this purpose and has since closed.  Evaluation of tender responses has been completed and the successful tenderer will be announced shortly.

  3. Managing Coastal Vulnerability Project (MCV) led by Department of Transport - the Department of Transport have progressed the MCV project - standardising coastal datasets in consultation with the Department of Planning. A number of new datasets have now been published – see  for updates. Metadata for these datasets have also been published to the Australian Oceans Data Network (AODN).

February 2015 

  • New SLIP Update

    The SLIP Future program completed the launch of most replacement services for SLIP Classic in December 2014. A number of new services (for imagery, local government and the land development industry) were also launched. At the end of January 2015, 58% of SLIP Classic customers have signed-up to new SLIP services, or agreements are in negotiation.

    In January 2015 Google advised that Google Maps Engine (GME) would be decommissioned by January 2016. Landgate has committed to continuing to deliver the new services now available through SLIP; and has begun an assessment process for a replacement for GME with support from Google.

    Further information, including more detailed technical updates are available at


  • Strategic Capture, 2014/2015 Capture Program

    A SPOTMaps satellite imagery service was purchased through the LIS in January 2013 and will be available for three years.  Western Australian Government bodies including LGAs, Departments, Statutory Authorities and Government Trading Enterprises have access to the data subject to signing an end user licence agreement. A total of 18 Agencies have signed the agreement and are accessing the SPOT maps services. The Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Department of Environment and Department of Agriculture and Food also have access to the raw data. Requests for updates to the North and East of Perth are currently being collated and a capture plan for early 2015 will be developed.

    The State Capture and Advice Register (SCAR) was rolled out in February 2014 to support the 2014/15 State Capture call-out. 41 agencies subscribed to access SCAR. 19 of these agencies used the system to lodge a total of 214 submissions.

    The 2014/15 aerial capture program (now known as “Capture WA”) has been finalised and the program is currently ahead of schedule.  The 2014/15 aerial capture plan includes priority regional town sites identified as part of the existing agreement between Landgate and the Department of Regional Development.

    For further information, contact Rob Koch on 9273 7039 or via

  •  Regional and Urban Scenario Planning (RUSP) Update

    The Department of Planning and Landgate have signed off on a letter of agreement governing the disbursement of Royalties for Regions funding. A variation to the existing main MoU between Landgate and DRD is being progressed.  A submission for the disbursement of RfR funding to the program, subject to meeting milestones and deliverables, is currently being prepared by the LIS Program team in consultation with project managers.


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This important direction-setting initiative would not have been possible without the hard work, challenging thinking and generous contributions from many groups and individuals.


Valued contributors include, but are not limited to:

-  WALIS Community  -  Landgate  -  Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA)  -  Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI)  -  Western Australian State and Local Government organisations - Australian Bureau of Statistics - Curtin University of Technology -   University of Western Australia - Robin McLaren  -  Ollie Hedberg  -  Rob Freeth  -  Kym Bidstrup -


Contact Information

For further information regarding the Realising the Power of Location initiative please contact;
Location Information Strategy
Program Coordination Team

1 Midland Square
Midland Western Australia 6056
Telephone:  +61 8 9273 9391
Facsimile: +61 8 9273 7216

The Program Coordination Team can also be contacted via email at: