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Professor Dr. Manfred Ehlers

Dr. Manfred Ehlers is Full Professor for GIS and Remote Sensing at the University of Osnabrueck, Germany.

Manfred EhlersHe is the Director of the University’s Institute for Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing, President of the ‘Society for Geoinformatics’ (a scientific society in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and Chairman of ‘The Center of Excellence in Geoinformatics in North Germany - GiN’, a public-private partnership association. He also holds a Master degree in Mathematics, and a Ph.D. and Habilitation degree (venia legendi) in Surveying Engineering with emphasis on remote sensing, digital image processing and GIS.

Dr. Ehlers teaches courses in Geoinformatics, GIS, remote sensing, digital image processing, and environmental monitoring. He has held academic appointments at various universities and research institutions in Germany, the United States, and the Netherlands. His research interest focuses on the concepts for integrated geographic analysis and modeling techniques, especially the integration of GIS and remote sensing. Other research areas include geoinformatics concepts, data fusion techniques, advanced techniques for image analysis, and Digital Earth concepts. Over the last ten years, he has been PI or Co-PI for more than 50 funded research Projects.

Dr. Ehlers has organized and chaired a number of national and international conferences and workshops, including the 2008 ISDE Summit on “Geoinformatics: Tools for Global Change Research” in Potsdam, Germany. He has published more than 300 papers on GIS, mapping, digital image processing, remote sensing, Geoinformatics, digital photogrammetry, and environmental monitoring and has given over 300 presentations at scientific and professional meet­ings and conferences.